A Typical Session

A Typical Session

09.00 a.m – Children are welcomed into the Pre-School.
Children will be assigned a peg in the cloakroom for their coat and bag and we encourage parents to allow children to hang up their own coat and bag. Parents/Carers will register their child. Children are then free to play inside or outside. During this session adults interact with the children, observe and collect evidence for the children’s learning records. Children are encouraged to tidy an activity away once they have finished with it and all children help with the tidying up and putting away of toys and activities at the end of the session. This is aided by the use of pictures/labels on the boxes.

10.15 – 10.45a.m – Snack time.
The Snack Bar opens and children are encouraged to come together to share snack of milk or water, bread, fruit and raisins. This is a time when children are encouraged to interact socially with their peers and a member of staff will sit with the children during this session. They can visit the snack bar once during this half an hour, and must post their name in the post box.

10.45 a.m – Small group activity.
Small Group Activity is an adult led activity based on different areas of learning – Knowledge & Understanding of the World, Creative development, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Physical development or Communication, Language & Literacy.



11.00 a.m – Free play session.

11.30a.m – Tidy up time.
All children are encouraged to help during this session.

11.45a.m – Story time.
At story time we split the children into groups. After story time we have a short singing session.

noon – Home time
Parents wait in the foyer for a member of staff to open the door. Parents are then invited into the Pre-School to collect their child. A member of staff stays on the door until all children have left the Pre-School.

noon – 1p.m. – Lunch Club
Children bring their own packed lunches to Pre-School. During morning drop-off they put their boxes on a special trolley in the foyer.
The Lunch Club Staff settle the children at the lunch club table. Staff eat alongside the children therefore modelling good behaviour and manners. The children are encouraged to choose their own items from their lunch boxes, are given confidence to do their own unwrapping and opening.
Time allowing, there is an opportunity for further play and activity prior to home time.

1 – 3p.m – Afternoon Session

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